Common faults of ventilator and solutions

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Common faults and maintenance methods of PB840 ventilator
11月 4, 2022
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Common faults of ventilator and solutions

Common faults of ventilator and solutions

1. The display of each parameter is chaotic or not displayed

Cause analysis: The motherboard is faulty, or the power supply is faulty.
Solution: Replace the motherboard or power supply.

2. Breathing ratio, chaotic breathing rate

Cause analysis: timing board.
Solution: Replace the timing board or debug.

3. The maximum moisture volume is low

Cause analysis: The pressure reducing valve failed.
Solution: Replace the pressure reducing valve or re-debug (0.24-0.26MPa).

4. Alarm at the lower pressure limit, the patient cannot inhale oxygen

Cause analysis: The intima of the exhalation valve is damaged.
Solution: Replace the breathing valve diaphragm.

5. The moisture volume is high or low or does not display and there is an alarm prompt

Cause analysis: The flow sensor is damaged or the connection line is detached from the sensor.
Solution: Replace the flow sensor or calibrate the sensor.

6.Adjustment of internal parameters of ventilator

When the cause of the ventilator failure is a circuit board problem, we can solve the problem by replacing the circuit board. At this time,
the newly replaced circuit board needs to adjust the parameters to determine the working state of the ventilator.

7. After the ventilator is turned on, there is no gas output

Cause analysis: low air source pressure, bad flow sensor, bad flow sensor probe, proportional valve or proportional valve controller
failure, proportional valve + power failure.

8. There is gas output but the patient does not inhale enough

Cause analysis: the threaded pipe is damaged and leaking, the check valve on the humidifier is inserted backwards, the exhalation
diaphragm is damaged or not installed, the humidifier water tank is not installed or the sealing ring is aging, the pressure of the safety
valve in the ventilator is too low, and the pressure sampling tube is not connected.

9. The output value of oxygen concentration has a larger error than the set value

Cause analysis: the oxygen concentration adjustment button is loose, the ratio valve (air-oxygen mixer or control circuit) is damaged,
and the oxygen and air trachea connected to the ratio valve have a large reflux.

10. Suction-to-exhalation ratio, chaotic breathing rate

Cause analysis: the timing board fails; solution: replace the timing board or adjust it.

11. The error of PEEP value is too large

Cause analysis: The green diaphragm in the exhalation valve is abnormal. The diaphragm is not installed correctly during installation or
the transportation vibration causes the membrane to shift, which affects the normal operation of the PEEP valve and causes the value
to not meet the requirements.It may also be caused by air leakage in the air path. If this is the case, it is necessary to check the air path
from the small pressure reducing valve to the jet valve in the air path and the outer air path connecting the manual skin for air leakage.

12.Humidifier temperature is not displayed or sometimes not

Cause analysis: damage to the digital tube, problem with the humidifier control board, broken guide connection or poor plug contact.

13. There is a leak in the humidifier

Cause analysis: The water tank is cracked and the sealing ring is aging.

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