GE Engstrom Caerstation Ventilator operation method

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11月 5, 2022
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Maintenance of Maquet Servo-i ventilator
11月 7, 2022
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o2 sensor medical

o2 sensor medical

Start the system


Connect to the host power supply, and the green main power indicator on the display lights up.

Connect high-pressure air and oxygen.

2.Turn on the system

The ventilator system switch is located on the back of the host, turn on the switch.

After the ventilator starts and completes the self-test, the system enters standby mode and displays the select patient menu on the display.

Select patient

1. Choose adult or child

2. Enter the patient’s weight

3. To exit, select patient settings

Check before use

When the ventilator is in standby mode, the patient settings menu will be displayed on the normal screen.

1.Select verification.

2.Connect the patient circuit.

3.Block the patient’s Y-shaped tube.

4.Select Start verification.

After each verification is completed, the result will be displayed next to it.All verification is complete.

After that, ‘Verification completed’ will be displayed, and the highlighted area will be moved to the delete trend.

5.Choose yes to delete the trend, and choose whether to keep the saved trend.

6.If one or more verification fails, please select verification help to get troubleshooting prompt.

7.If all tests pass, please select the superior menu.

Ventilator settings

The ventilation mode can be changed during standby or during the operation of the ventilator.

1.Select ventilator settings

2.Select the desired ventilation mode and set the ventilation parameters

3.Select confirmation

4.Start ventilation and connect the patient

Shut down

1.Cut off the connection between the circuit and the patient.

2.Press standby (when facing the screen, the standby button at the top left of the screen)

3.Select standby.

4.Turn off the system switch

5.Disconnect the gas connection, main power supply and humidifier power supply

Aeroneb Pro atomizer (optional)

Note that the atomizer cable should not be soaked or autoclaved.


Clean All outer surfaces with a damp cloth stained with a mild detergent.

Please clean the main unit and the filter on the screen regularly. For the rest of the daily maintenance, please refer to the “Maintenance” instructions.

Note: The exhalation flow sensor, the exhalation valve housing (including diaphragm, O-ring, and water trap), and the Aeroneb Pro atomizer can all be sterilized at 134°C high pressure.

It is recommended that the exhalation flow sensor be soaked in 75% alcohol for disinfection, and should not be rinsed against the faucet.