Maintenance of Maquet Servo-i ventilator

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maquet servo i o2 sensor

maquet servo i o2 sensor

1. Pre-use inspection: Routine inspections must be carried out before the ventilator is connected to the patient or when the ventilator fails. The inspection content includes: internal leakage, flow, pressure sensor, oxygen unit, safety valve, battery, and patient’s near-end air leakage inspection.Through inspection, breathing and automatic calibration of the corresponding units or faster help technicians to troubleshoot the ventilator.

2. The Servo-i ventilator has two gas modules, air and oxygen modules.Air and oxygen enter their respective gas modules separately, and according to the oxygen concentration of the set tidal volume and pressure level, the calculation is accurate and the air is sent to the mixing chamber. There is a stirring force flow of the mixing chamber in the mixing chamber, and the air and oxygen are fully mixed. After the oxygen concentration is detected by the oxygen battery, it is sent out.Under normal circumstances, the normal working time of the oxygen unit is about 5000h, and preventive maintenance is carried out at least once a year.The status of the oxygen unit can be checked regularly in the status menu.If the Check 02 cell status message appears and the <10% flag appears in the menu, the oxygen unit should be replaced.

3. The battery module is used as a backup power supply during ICU and patient transfer, and can hold up to 6 batteries (each can be used for 50 minutes).Ensure safe use after power failure.It is recommended to usually use at least one battery as a breathing and backup power supply. The battery is a 12V nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery. When the ventilator is connected to the main power supply, the inserted battery module is automatically charged.The battery module must be replaced after 3 years.

4. If the Exchange Expiratory cassette appears at the bottom of the screen during the pre-use inspection, the expiratory cassette must be replaced.The exhalation box can be interchanged between different Servoi ventilators. The ventilator is connected to a clean exhalation box and can be used immediately. After replacing the exhalation box, a pre-use inspection must be carried out.

5. The Servoi ultrasonic nebulizer atomizes the drug to the patient in need through an endotracheal catheter or mask. No matter how the breathing mode is set, the nebulizer always works.Care must be taken during atomization: Disconnect the atomizer/HME, otherwise, the atomizer will be clogged.Connect a bacterial filter to the entrance of the ventilator, otherwise it will reduce the function of the respirator passage.In addition, when the ventilator is driven by a battery, the atomizer module is placed in a closed state to reduce power consumption.